Not Buying Into It

Origami by S. D. Bumbaugh
“The trouble with being in the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.” Lily Tomlin
Recently, I spent a week with Kat. We’d never met, but she was coming to my area for work and we connected through a shared path geared toward living life with fullness, seeking out connections and adventures
It was an example of complete synchronicity as coined by Carl Jung, a true ‘meaningful coincidence’, yet, coincidence on purpose (digest that a moment), because rejecting inconsequential small talk was unspoken and instant.
We embarked on what I call my Free Houston Tour, which always includes the Art Car Museum and CasaRamirez Folk Art Gallery, and even managed to cross paths with an open air pop up antique market and a great example of American ingenuity, a shoe bus.
While most visitors to the states spend much of their time shopping and spending their way through as tourists, I think the only purchases made were consumed (deliciously). While we each have perhaps a photo or two, we both embrace traveling light and thus, have no knick knack to place on our mantels. We have something more valuable, shared experience.
When you take stock of what’s important in your life, what you cherish, what comes to mind?
In the words of Jonathan Swift “May You Live All the Days of Your Life”
Challenge yourself to participate in your life and not to simply buy into consumerism. You CAN take it with you and you may just stumble upon radical happiness.
Originally published 5/18/17

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