Two Feet

#Self #Love #SelfEsteem #IveGotThis #GirlGang #Shoes

two feet pic

Paper Darts – Paper Darts Micro-Fiction Award Submission 

On the topic of Separation 


I couldn’t care less what you think; one part of me means this from time to time.
I stand in my voice, take me as you find me, love me hate me. There is only one being
on this planet who can express me-ness, MY me-ness. To tone her down or hide her
amazing light would be a tragedy. I have a duty to disregard others’ opinions about my
manner, my style, my take or my shape. Call me assertive, confident, boastful or fast. I
don’t hear you because I’m too busy rocking this. Love thy self and the rest of love comes.

                                                              Madly, Deeply 

I care what you think therefore, I create compassion inside myself and offer it to you.
Society works best when I listen to your stories without trying to judge them. You have
my unfailing belief in how much things matter to and affect your life experience. I can’t
feel what you feel so I feel you. I breathe you in. Also, it’s nice when I feel you like me;
frankly, I am not always self-assured. At times, I’m not convinced that I am lovable. Your love helps me be sure of myself.


#Self #Love #SelfEsteem #IveGotThis #GirlGang #Shoes

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