Don’t Get Even – Get Even Better



Sometimes we get to learn the hard way, as long as we learn.

Has a bird ever dumped on your head? I apparently have an attractive head for bird shit. At least three times if you include a head/shoulder combo. Also, once in my upturned palm, incidentally, I received two acorns in the same fashion; an acorn that dropped into  the palm of my hand as I was standing there. Not on the same day.

The point I am attempting to make is that Things Occur which is my polite way of saying saying Shit Happens, for my more delicate readers, but literally it’s actual shit for me.

Some people have actually horrific lives, from start to middle and even to finish. While many of you have had truly horrific moments/episodes, your life has not been horrific, especially if you are reading this. That said, it’s what you do with it; it’s what you choose to do with it that is important. Lemons to Lemonade, right?

Whoever we have been raised by, does NOT get to have, the final say in who we become.

We do.

We can take the marvelous things, if any, and spread fairy dust and compassion. We can take the dark horror and multiply that.

We can use the kindling we have received and ignite whatever we choose to. It’s all energy. Expend it, form it, waste it.

100% our choice.


A prominent American figure related the story of how his mother ran a big con, making a big show grading papers that she required from her sons. Only later did the boys discover that she was illiterate.

WE can take over the world using Guerrilla Kindness like the 167+ strong army that took down Father’s Day with their pay it forward  campaign that lasted into the night. Conversely, we can have the greatest honor bestowed upon an individual in what is arguably, or rather, historically was considered the greatest nation in the world, and choose to shit all over it and to shit all over the people who call it their home or haven.

Who do we wish to be? Our highest or our basest selves? 


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