Packing Like A Mini


Let me begin by saying, I just returned from a trip. Prior to travelling, I began a blog post called:


Here’s where it began :

There’s a Minimalist Movement, which in the olden days was a Voluntary Simplicity Movement; in every era, it is a drill it down to what you need/use lifestyle, because it is easiness and more so, because it is effective. It’s doing more and over thinking less. It frees you, opens you to EXPERIENCE your life’s offerings. It is also, IMO, your own to define and express.

I lured you here with talk of travel.

For many that entails, buy stuff that shows you were there. Go on with your bad self, with my sincerest blessings, because to me, the pursuit of happiness is an ENORMOUS FALLACY and being happy with your choices, is CLOSE TO SPECTACULAR. Yet, if that is not what it’s bringing you…………move forward. If you went to take in the sights but spent time arranging and filling up your Instagram account rather than your dreams, fuck that.

This post is about travel. Packing for Travel Tips, in fact, so here goes:

1. Travel

2. Return from traveling and make two piles from your suitcase(s) no impending judgment

3. Pile One – Everything you used, touched during your trip; and

4. Pile Two – Everything that you toted about, never even using you get where we’re headed

5. You’re home. Take care of your life, you’ve been away. Get yourself together!!!

6. Plan and pack for your next trip

7. Leave out everything from No. 4 see above….

8. Add something.

This should be something frivolous. Include something that you are afraid of doing , perhaps a thing you dare to dream about but never take on. For me, it was this water color kit. I made it a few years ago. The idea was to put down my smart phone (I dumped the actual camera years earlier) and pick up the paints. Water colors, being my least favorite medium but awfully portable and the ‘pods’ are refillable (find the link). I reincarnated my toothbrush travel holder into a paint brush carrier. This keeps your old paint brushes, mine are ancient, in excellent shape. I’ve had most of these for over 39 years. With gentle cleaning, proper use and storage, and the occasional trim, they have lasted this long.

9. Now, check out what you’ve ended up with. Be brave and decide to try venturing out this way.


Now reader, this is where blog post No. 1, was derailed. The planned trip was to be with a buddy, on certain dates. A family funeral occurred instead, buddy couldn’t switch travel dates, but I was really motivated to go solo and as quickly as possible. I had skipped refundable options for airfare and lodging, but persevered. I took some deep breaths and called actual people; I explained the situation and ended up finding that the person to person connection was all it took to not only get there the week following my original dates, and both entities threw in perks. Hot Damn.

I discontinued the blog post due to lost time and decided to complete it while on the trip. Imagine here: photos of my clothing, my toiletries (this one is below), and finally, of the packed bag with a post trip follow up showing all the things in No. 4, Pile Two (what was never used on trip), that was going to have finished off the post. Alas, I was having serious good times and didn’t with continue the blog post.


Going with the flow cannot be over recommended. Nor can synchronicity be discounted. Here are just three examples, listed in the order of their occurrence:

  1. My Uber driver turns out to be a young Libyan guy (Hilal), whose Aunt I had met 20 years before in Sfax, Tunisia. We sang songs, I practiced my awful Arabic and it was delightful.
  2. I find an Off the Beaten Path restaurant for dinner, where I doubted other tourists would frequent. Fifteen minutes in, while chatting it up with some new folks, the passenger I was seated next to on the flight there (Lorin), walked into the place. Rabble rousing ensued.
  3. A friend and yoga teacher (Meagan) that worked for me in the 90’s came in for an evening with her beau and we picked up right where we left off the last time seeing one another. This was planned from the start, but just wanted to mention it to light my heart for a moment. Whole Lotta Love

Back to this PACKING LIKE A MINI blog post. In my toiletries kit I have a small laundry suds container. Granted, you can buy suds anywhere but it’s convenient for me this way. It oftens comes home never having been used. Not this time.

I had planned for a casual attire only experience and all of my clothing was short/above the knee. For flying and/or in the event of unexpected chilly weather, I had one pair of trousers. More about dressing for flying another time 😉


Day Two of my stay was rather rainy; each time my clothing dried, another sweet shower came in and soaked me. No worries, I had two pair of walking shoes and extra socks, shoes are hard-to-dry items.

Final Day of my stay, I donned the trousers, blow dried the driest shoes and checked out of my lodgings, stashing my bag there for a later flight home. For the first time in my memory, I had worn all of the clothing I had packed, as the heat, rain and humidity meant changing clothing more than once per day. Everything was going well in my I’m Such A Dandy Minimalist, Look at Me world……….


A couple of hours into a terribly Southern storm, the drains couldn’t handle the rainwater, the cars couldn’t navigate the floodwater and the planes were a no-go. Naturally, I was wringing wet. I checked back into to my digs with no clean clothes and a guest bought me drink. Prior to my giving up on leaving town, she had offered to iron my clothes dry! Bless her heart and I didn’t know you could do that! I passed, but after I checked in, I used a combo blow dryer/iron technique after hand washing a change of clothes and one for the road 😉 She was right!

So, in the end, the blog post lost and I won. Here’s a nice blog about minimalist packing from Lonely Planet. I couldn’t leave you empty handed.